Gift Card Promotion

November 2023

Proposed Event Details

Gift Card Promotion – 20% off Gift Cards

Proposed Dates:

  • November 3rd-13th
  • Gift Cards available starting November 27th
  • Restaurants sign up by October 20th
  • Gift Card data organized and sent to CRA by November 27th

Additional Details

  • Free for CRA members
  • Non-Members $100?
  • Denominations: $25, $50 & $100 *can choose more than one

Marketing for Event

Website Updates

  • New content (photos, graphics, etc.)
  • Refreshed, modernized design
  • Restaurant directory & individual restaurant pages
  • Informational pop-up messages on gift card pages
  • Multiple phases of updates to coincide with progress of the campaign
  • FAQ’s featured on multiple pages
  • Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Management

Daily posts on Facebook and Instagram for one month leading up to event

Post-event content explaining gift card redemption

Custom Content Creation

Monitoring of Comments & Messages

Implementation of Custom Growth Strategies


Radio & TV

Leveraging relationships with Radio & TV stations for commercial schedules

Production of commercials

Cost:  $3,500


Ad Spend Recommendations

Social $1,500


Radio$3,500 2 week flight