2023 Marketing Recap


Digital Marketing

Google Ads & Google Video


  • Avg. Click-Through Rate – Dentists & Dentist Services – 5.34% and we’re at 6.39% for the year.
  • 176 :60 Calls for the year – conversions



  • 1.38 million impressions
  • $0.01 per view

Facebook, Instagram & Google Business Profile


  • August was a huge spike due to the viral incident, but the positive is that all negative google reviews are gone and the location has a perfect 5-star rating with 81 reviews.
  • The interaction and profile views numbers are way up, but without seeing the whole year of data, its hard to know how much of that was impacted by people searching out his business in August.

Onto 2024!

Business Grows Here


1.Proper Brushing Techniques: Demonstrating the right way to brush teeth.

2.Flossing Fundamentals: Explaining the importance of flossing and correct methods.

3.Choosing the Right Toothpaste: Discussing various types of toothpaste and their benefits.

4.Preventing Tooth Decay: Tips for maintaining healthy teeth and preventing cavities.

5.Diet and Oral Health: How diet affects dental health, including foods to avoid and foods that are beneficial for teeth.

6.Dealing with Sensitive Teeth: Causes and solutions for tooth sensitivity.

7.Oral Hygiene for Children: Special tips for maintaining oral health in kids.

8.Gum Health: Importance of healthy gums and how to maintain them.

9.Bad Breath Solutions: Causes of bad breath and how to combat it.

10.Teeth Whitening Options: Safe practices for teeth whitening.

11.Oral Cancer Awareness: Signs, symptoms, and prevention of oral cancer.

12.Dental Visits and Check-ups: The importance of regular dental check-ups and what to expect.

13.Dealing with Dental Anxiety: Tips to overcome fear of the dentist.

14.Dental Emergencies: What to do in case of a dental emergency.

15.Orthodontics 101: Basic information about braces and other orthodontic treatments.

16.Benefits of Dental Insurance: Understanding dental insurance and its benefits.

17.Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Causes, effects, and treatment options.

18.Senior Dental Care: Special dental care tips for older adults.

19.Sports and Dental Protection: The importance of mouthguards and other protective measures.

20.The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health: Explaining how dental health impacts general health.